5 Ways to Keep Your Tools in Tip-Top Shape

It’s important to keep your tools in pristine condition to help them last a long time. Follow our top five tips below on how to keep your tools in tip-top shape, from cleaning them every day to storing them in the right conditions.

Clean Tools With Every Use

Although cleaning off your tools may seem like a laborious task that no one wants to do, it’s vital to keeping your tools in good condition. You’ll be thanking yourself after a few minutes of cleaning that you don’t have to deal with the dirt and grime the next time you want to use your tools.

Check for Damaged Handles

When placing your tools back in storage, check for cracked, loose, or even splintered handles. If you notice that the wooden handle is damaged, it may break the next time you use it, which means you should get it repaired or replaced. However, if it’s not too badly damaged, you should just sand it down to avoid any mishaps. Once it’s sanded, coat it with linseed oil to offer it better protection for your next job.

Repair or Replace Power Tools that Don’t Turn on Easily

If you notice that a particular electrical tool does not turn on right away, do not use it. Inspect the tool to determine whether it will need to be repaired or replaced. If you decide that a tool needs to be repaired but you are not sure how to do it, contact a professional.

Use Proper Storage

When it comes to storing your tools, you must work with the space you have. If you have a lot of space, pegboards are great for storing tools efficiently. Plus, you can easily see what tools you have and where they are. Toolboxes are also fantastic storage systems. They offer portability and you can be sure that with the right case, your equipment will always be protected. You can also make use of shelves, drawers, and whatever other storage systems are available to you.

Store Them in a Dry Place

Moist environments can cause your tools to corrode and rust. Unfortunately, most people store their tools in basements, garages, or other enclosed rooms that have humidity issues. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier if you store your tools in one of these places.

With these five tips, you can ensure that all of your tools will remain clean and functional for many years to come. Make sure you clean them off, make necessary repairs, and store them properly. Only then can you keep them in tip-top condition.