4 Pest Management Solutions for Commercial Properties

4 Pest Management Solutions for Commercial Properties

It is widely understood by anyone who operates a commercial property that in order for that property to be profitable, it must be kept up and well maintained. One of the most important areas for the maintenance of a commercial property is pest control. Pest control is an issue that virtually all commercial properties will face at some point as there are a number of different types of pests that can invade these spaces. Regardless of the fact that is difficult to keep all forms of pests out of a commercial property, there are some simple steps that can be taken in order to ensure that pests are generally kept in check at your commercial property.

Take Out the Trash on a Regular Basis

This might seem obvious, but the fact is that the garbage that collects in your commercial property can be one of the most enticing places for unwanted pests to show up. Ensuring that the trash is diligently taken out on a regular basis is a simple way to be proactive in helping to prevent the arrival of pests.

Keep Food Off the Floor

Making sure that any food that ends up on the floor of your commercial property is promptly cleaned up is a great way to be proactive in the area of pest management. Letting bits of food build up on the floor can be a sure way to attract the unwanted presence of ants. Different species of ants are attracted to different food, so the best solution is to always clean up quickly after any food has been consumed at your commercial property.

Clean All Potential Breeding Grounds for Pests

Taking out the trash and keeping the floor clean are two of the obvious areas to keep clean, but another part of pest management at your commercial property is to take care of cleaning any other areas that could attract pests. Keeping drains clean is an important part of pest management. Another important factor is to clean any areas where food is served.

Utilize a Quality Pest Control Service

Partnering with a reputable pest control service is another great way to be proactive about your pest management needs with your commercial property. Having a professional pest control service come by and do routine checks on your facility is a great way to catch any problems before they become big issues.

These steps are simple ways to keep pests to a minimum at your commercial property. It is all about being aware of the situations that can attract pests and avoiding those situations. Adding in a good commercial pest control service is also a great way to be proactive. Though extermination services can sometimes become inevitable, a little bit of pest control management effort can go a long way toward keeping your commercial space pest free.

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3 Guidelines for Successfully Operating a Crane

3 Guidelines for Successfully Operating a Crane

Cranes are the muscle in most industrial and construction environments. They are essential to lifting most heavy objects. To the people that operate and work around them, cranes are a normal piece of equipment for the workplace. For this reason, sometimes the dangers they pose are taken for granted. It is of extreme importance to follow all safety precautions when using cranes to prevent serious injury or death. This article will discuss some critical crane safety tips that will help you to avoid a catastrophic accident in your work area.

Do a Safety Inspection

It is very important to thoroughly inspect the crane before operating it. The inspection should be based on the manufacturer’s guidelines and any other criteria your workplace may have established. This may seem obvious, but some people assume that the equipment is ok because they were the last person to operate it. Also, sometimes to save time or stay on schedule a crane inspection may be skipped. If there is any question about the serviceability of the crane, it should not be operated. It is also important to ensure that the crane can handle the load that it will be lifting.

Be Aware of the Ground and What’s Underneath

Cranes are extremely heavy pieces of machinery that can easily damage the ground, piping, and utilities beneath it. This could create a dangerous situation, especially for power and gas lines. An ideal solution for this problem is the use of wooden mats. Woods such as oak or other hardwood are ideal for mats that can mitigate the impact a crane’s weight has on the ground below.

Get the Proper Operation Certifications

Cranes are complex pieces of machinery that require specialized training and certifications to operate. The operator must know the equipment very well to include emergency safety procedures. In addition, the operator should be well-versed in the use of crane hand signals.

In closing, a crane is a vital piece of machinery for many industries. It is responsible for lifting a wide variety of heavy loads. Because it is a normal piece of equipment in many workplaces, it can sometimes be taken for granted. It is absolutely critical to always make safety a priority when you are operating a crane. This can help prevent serious injury or death. It is also important to ensure all operators are qualified to operate the machinery.

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What Safety Measures Should You Make Sure Your Commercial Properties Have?

What Safety Measures Should You Make Sure Your Commercial Properties Have?

Investing in commercial property and commercial property construction is a great way to make a living that requires a whole lot of responsibility. When you purchase a property whether there is an existing structure or you’re going to have one built, you need to make sure everything is up to code for the tenants. Make sure you are paying close attention to these safety measures.

Earthquake Safety

Earthquakes are dangerous phenomena that are undetectable. The only way to prepare for one is to have your building designed in a way that offers ample protection against earthquakes. It needs to be built with strong materials on a sturdy foundation. There should also be strong furniture that people inside can protect themselves under in the event of an earthquake. Earthquake survival kits containing things like first aid supplies and water are also highly desirable. Though earthquakes typically last less than a minute, their intensity can do significant damage.

Fire Safety

It only takes a flame and something flammable for a fire to spread. With a good alarm and fire suppression system, you can stop fires before they can really do damage. In certain cases where traditional water-based sprinkler systems aren’t an effective means of fire suppression, a special hazard fire suppression system can be utilized to avoid dangerous, damaging, and impractical consequences. Environments such as data centers or healthcare facilities require specialized fire protection systems for the safety of assets and people within an area. People in your buildings should be educated on fire safety, including how to evacuate in a calm manner. For businesses, there should be a diagram detailing how occupants can make their way out of the building. There should be at least one full fire extinguisher that can be easily accessed, more if it’s an especially large building. In the case of a particularly large fire, people need to get out right away and not try to fight it.

Electrical Safety

Electricity is something that should not be taken for granted, both for how useful it is and how dangerous it can be. An electrician needs to do any needed repairs, regardless of how simple they seem. If you attempt to do it yourself, you may not meet the safety standards, which can just make the problem worse. Unprotected wires and water damage to electrical equipment are just a few things that can put people in danger. Everything needs to be wired properly and not overloaded. When you hire an electrician, make sure that they are following all the rules of the Occupational Safety and Help Act (OSHA).

Advancements in technology and safety standards mean that people can live and work more comfortably than ever. You need to do your part as a building owner and make sure that everything in your buildings is how it should be. If you aren’t maintaining your properties or proactively developing it properly and protecting them against potential disasters, you might witness them falling apart.

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4 Things That Should Be Labeled at Your Worksite

4 Things That Should Be Labeled at Your Worksite

When your worksite is dangerous, it subjects you to many different risks. Aside from the jeopardy in which your workers’ lives are placed, there may also be a legal risk for your business. Some of this danger can be averted if you properly label the things at your worksite that can potentially be harmful.


Pipes are something that can cause major damage if handled the wrong way. Given that they carry water as well as other possibly hazardous substances, all it takes is one mistake and you could be facing a world of legal liability. Safety Blog News explains, “if a worker bursts a water pipe, that water could cause damage to areas beyond your worksite. In addition, depending on what is in the pipe, it can injure your workers too. Workers should know exactly what is in each pipe so they know where they need to exercise extra caution. This is done through marking the pipes and keeping a schematic of where the pipes are when they are hidden behind walls.”

Color Code Wires

Electrical wiring can be extremely dangerous for obvious reasons. Worksite fires are a leading cause of death and injury on the job. Therefore, it is a good idea to color code the electrical wires. According to Creative Safety Supply, “placing warning signs anywhere that someone might interact with electrical wires, especially high-voltage wires, is another good idea for improving overall safety. These signs can serve as a good reminder to those in the area that there are dangerous wires present. There are many signs that can be used depending on the specific situation.”


Chemicals have the capability to cause severe damage to your employees as well as surrounding areas. Workers need to know where chemicals may possibly be stored in order to avoid coming into contact with them or releasing them into the surrounding area. Cabinets that keep chemicals should have the proper labeling on the outside and access to all the required Hazmat information in easy access. Many keep this information on a binder that is attached to the outside of the cabinet with a cable. Beyond sparing yourself from liability, there are OSHA rules that require you to ensure that chemicals are clearly marked. According to Safety Info, “employees have a right to know what chemicals they are around when they are on the job. They should also be informed on the proper storage and usage of the chemicals they work around. If chemicals are not properly labeled, you can face fines from OSHA.”

Steep Drops

Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries on a worksite. Workers may not have the best visibility on the job site and that can lead to a dangerous fall. If there is an area where workers may not have the best footing or there is a drop that is near them, it should be clearly marked and labeled. In addition, oily surfaces should be marked to alert your workers. When possible, grating or other anti-slip flooring can help to avoid accidents. Finally, any kind of hole or opening that workers could fall into should be clearly labeled in order to let workers know of the opening.

Worksite safety should be a serious concern on any job. You can never take too many precautions in order to help keep your workers out of harm’s way. By clearly marking and labeling items and chemicals that can cause a potential danger, you take a sizable first step towards protecting your workers.

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Essential Features that Your Construction Project Management Software Should Have

Essential Features that Your Construction Project Management Software Should Have

No matter what sort of structure your construction company is building, organization brings a higher level of efficiency. By keeping your operations meticulously streamlined, many problems can be avoided. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of a software management program that tracks all relevant data, allowing managers to make informed decisions that benefit the company. However, not all software is created equal. Here are a few of the things to look for when making your choice.

Project Scheduling and Estimating

Any good program should have a scheduling page that keeps close track of all jobs to be done and when they are to be done. Without this, it is much harder for the management staff to get a clear sense of the roles that each worker will play. As for estimation, this is equally important if you wish to prevent cost overruns.

Document Management

There are a lot of documents involved in a construction project. There are permits, work orders, supply lists, and a whole lot more. Before computers came along, this required specific people to manage files and folders. Now, it can be automated. With so many documents to keep track of, you really can’t afford not to have this feature.

Many of the documents you need are filed with the American Institute Of Architects. As such, it is imperative for documentation and forms to be accurate; otherwise, if they are completed incorrectly, forms will be rejected. AIA software ensures that form submission goes smoothly and documents are filled out properly, so make sure that your program is AIA-compliant.

Automatic Reminders

No one can remember everything at all times. Even the most professional of managers can still benefit from a system that keeps them informed of all relevant deadlines. Many programs will include a calendar program with the option to set various reminders.

Integration with Existing Software

Thanks to the internet, very few computer systems are isolated from one another. Thus, it is essential that your management software does not cause any conflicts with the software used by others. For instance, if one of your employees takes their work home, they should be able to use the program on their home computers with no problem. For this reason, it is good to try and find a program that offers Windows, Mac, and Linux versions.

Good Customer Support

In a piece of complex software that is designed to do many things at once, there is little doubt that customer support will be needed to some extent. Make sure that the company you buy your software from has a good record for customer service and a helpful attitude when contacted. You may even consider faking a problem just so that you can gauge the service of the company. It may sound shady, but it does no harm and also helps to let you know what kind of service to expect. You should also research the company’s history of defect removal.

Make sure you look for all these qualities when shopping around for your construction management software program. Each of them is essential if you are to get the maximum benefit for your money.

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