Revamping Luxury Condos on the Waterfront

Revamping Luxury Condos on the Waterfront


Revamping Luxury Condos on the Waterfront

Nestled along the bank of Lake Erie, The Shoreline (formerly Quay 55) is the perfect luxury condo spot for those looking to live close to the city with a great view. Built in 1929 the building served as a distribution point for automobiles and newsprint and was purchased in 1993 to develop the terminal into luxury apartments.

Pride One is excited to be a part of the rehabbing and transformation of The Shoreline. The transformation will include:

  •  Rehabbing the entire building (interior and exterior)
  •  Adding an additional 30 apartments to the 138 existing
  •  New cabinets
  •  Flooring
  •  Fixtures

These changes will be made in order to provide tenets a more modern and luxurious experience. Our staff will be taking on both the design and building aspects of this project. We are looking forward to starting this project and sharing our progression with you. Stay tuned to our Facebook and LinkedIn page for more updates.

Want to learn more about rental openings? check out their website for more information.

Here are some images from the ground breaking ceremony.