If you have ever found yourself driving the wrong way in a parking lot lane, or weren’t sure how you would get out of the lot once you entered, you have faced the negatives of bad parking lot design. You want your business to be easy and accessible, and having good parking helps customers find you. Here are some things to consider when designing your business’s parking lot.

Space Efficiency

Conserving the space that you have is incredibly important. Even if you might have a small parking lot, you can fit more people in the stalls with some clever planning. Diagonal stalls have been used to conserve space and allow for more cars to park at the supermarket. Make sure you don’t have a dumpster or other objects blocking potential parking spots as well.

When necessary and possible, encourage customers to park somewhere nearby. You might want to add parking information to your business’s website.

Building it to Last

You want your business to look and feel professional, and having a well-made parking lot can help provide that image. Without resealing every 2 to 4 years, your asphalt will begin to erode. Investing in resealing every few years can prevent worse damage to your asphalt, saving you a lot of money on getting it fixed or redone entirely. It’s all about the long-game when it comes to your parking lot.

An Intuitive Flow

Driving in your parking lot should be natural and intuitive for your customers. Making a well-designed parking lot makes you and your customers happy without them even knowing it. The worst thing a parking lot can do is provide confusion—especially when a lot of cars are out driving at once.

Make sure your parking lot has a natural flow to it. Paint arrows on the ground in certain areas so cars know where they should go. Ensure that the area is well lit and makes sense. If you are not sure if it is natural or not, think about what the customer would feel in your lot.

People make early first impressions when they interact with a business, and your parking lot should be something they do not think of. If they are concerned or seem annoyed by the way the traffic flows outside of your building, they might have the wrong attitude when they come into your building. The best designs are the ones where people don’t even notice that they were designed in the first place.

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