In the world of construction, time is money. Having a crew that works efficiently and stays on schedule lowers costs as well as helps the company gain a good reputation in the field. The project foreman needs to have the skills that keep the crew on the task promptly ensures a productive day. Keep the following efficiency tips in mind to save money and time.

Have Good Communication

There is nothing worse in construction than having crews standing around while on the clock not knowing what their job is for the day. Good communication is essential to productivity and safety. Texting or emails are ways to give your crew members a heads-up to the tasks that need to be performed before they set foot on the site. Another tip is to have a chart on-site listing a crew member’s goal for the day. Always have someone in charge on-site that can solve problems as they arise.

Keep a High Standard

Having high standards on the worksite is another important factor to consider. There are a number of risks for injury in the workplace, so it’s important to keep high standards to avoid potential accidents and increase efficiency. Let the crew know the safety standards expected of them in each phase of the job. Proper clothing, adequate tools, and proper safety precautions should be everyday aspects of the site. This will also keep productivity high and keep costs in line. It is important that workers follow these instructions for the safety of all.

Have the Necessary Materials Needed on Site

Nothing is more frustrating than having a crew standing around waiting on materials to arrive at the site. Be sure to order ahead so the materials needed are on hand when the crew is ready for them. Have a designated person to make supply runs if needed. If supplies are delayed, have an alternative plan for the crew such as prep work, working another part of the project, or clean-up.

Construction projects are filled with glitches that are not anticipated. Having a schedule that workers are aware of lets them know what is expected of them. Keeping high standards on the worksite gives them the message that you care about them. Having the materials on-site when they are needed conveys that the company is well-organized. When your workers are safe and happy, the work you’ll be able to produce will be fast and efficient.