There continues to be a great need for senior care facilities all across the country. It is essential for those in charge of these living environments to ensure that their particular assisted living facility is up to code at all times. These state and federal laws vary from state to state, and each care facility is responsible for keeping up with any changes from year to year.

Why Health Is a Special Concern for Assisted Living

To be able to compete with the top assisted living facilities, you need to be up to code at very least, and preferably far better. Competition between the various local care facilities can be fierce, and failing a state health inspection can deter potential facility care clients from entering your facility sometimes far into the future. It is also important to ensure that your facility and staff are equipped to handle the specific health, care and safety needs of each resident living in your environment.

Asbestos Concerns

Every assisted living facility is required to check the building for asbestos prior to opening its doors to the public. Failure to do this can set the facility up for lawsuits by care workers, facility residents, and frequent visitors to the setting. This building inspection should be done by a professional contractor experienced in asbestos inspections and removal. Asbestos was used extensively in construction around the turn of the century, and it is known to cause lung issues like cancer.

Mold Concerns

Mold is another facility concern that can pose a health threat to fragile seniors with complicated health conditions. When conditions are right, mold and mildew can grow quickly. Assisted living facilities should have their buildings inspected by a professional skilled in identifying mold. This inspection should include roofs, basements, attics and crawlspaces. Mold spores are unseen to the naked eye, and they can negatively impact the indoor air quality if the mold gets into the facility’s air duct system.

Facility Cleanliness Concerns

Another critical assisted living facility concern is the overall cleanliness of the building. State health inspectors often show up unannounced in an effort to catch health care workers not following the strict cleanliness guidelines. Determine whether your assisted living facility is up to code by contacting your state Health Department for current regulation details. Many senior care facilities also obtain voluntary certification from JCAHO, an independent inspection agency.

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