Whether you run a large or small business, if access to a parking lot is a part of your lease, maintaining that lot is in your best interest. Customers need a place to park their vehicles when they visit your storefront or office. Even in the most walkable areas, there are still clients and customers who will want to park their cars close to your place. If you own or are otherwise responsible for maintaining a parking lot for your business, there are three maintenance tips to consider.

Risk Factors

Generally, a parking lot sits outside and is exposed to the elements year-round. This means that the wear and tear on the surface is happening around the clock. Asphalt surfaces are susceptible to damage from weather. So, keep in mind how the seasons are impacting the area. Traffic and existing imperfections are other risk factors. Then, there are surprises, like the roots of trees, that decide to make their presence known by damaging paved surfaces.

Needs Repair

If you notice cracks, loose material or other imperfections on your parking lot, you are encouraged to get those repairs completed as soon as possible. Those who do not have experience in the repairs of outdoor surfaces are advised to seek the opinion of trained professionals. Sometimes, the necessary repairs are cosmetic. A new coat of paint marking the lines between parking spaces shows your customers that you care for the property, which adds to their sense of safety, for example. Other times, repairs are more serious. When cracks begin to show up, taking care of them prevents further damage that often leads to more expensive repairs later. If potholes or other serious crevices are apparent, it is in your best interest to have them fixed in a timely manner.


One way to help the surface of your parking lot last longer is to protect it with a sealant. If a sealant was not added when the surface was first installed, a professional could tell you if it is still an option. If a new surface has to be installed, the sealant can be added once the work is complete.

Sometimes, having access to a parking lot is a luxury. If your business can claim that luxury, it is a good idea to take care of it. A well-maintained parking area is convenient for your customers and a plus for your company.
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