Additions That Help Make Your Parking Garage More Sustainable

Additions That Help Make Your Parking Garage More Sustainable

It shouldn’t be any surprise by now that people value sustainability. From product sourcing to power sources to waste processing, the trend towards going green and being sustainable isn’t going away. This means making adjustments to how things are designed, manufactured, built, and disposed of. Parking garages are no exception. There are some great additions that can be used to make a parking garage more sustainable.

Green Power Sources

Green energy sources are a great way to make your parking garage more sustainable. According to, there are different sources you can use to this effect. LED lights have come a long way since their creation, becoming more effective and more cost-efficient than regular bulbs. They are less expensive to purchase now than they used to be as well. Many garages are also starting to mount solar roof panels on the top of the garages in lieu of additional parking. This allows parking garages to save on utility costs and be more sustainable as they generate their own power.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, which is creating a need for charging stations. Adding charging stations to parking garages promotes sustainability by encouraging people to utilize electric power instead of gasoline. Maintaining adequate charge is necessary for these vehicles to work in a sustainable manner, so charging up is also a matter of doing so quickly. People won’t want to wait around forever for their car to charge.According to Cali Coast Electronic, the 240-volt circuit can charge up to four times faster than 120-volt chargers. Consider what businesses your parking garage provides parking for and how long people tend to spend there. Then plan accordingly.

Parking Assists

One of the commonly touted environmental detractors is exhaust fumes from cars. People spend lots of time slowly cruising around looking for parking spaces in garages. This results in far more exhaust than there would be if parking spaces were easier to find. Fortunately, there is a way to address this. We have technology that allows parking garages to monitor how many cars have entered the structure and where they are currently parked. This information can be transmitted to signs that update regularly with how much parking is available on each floor, and even on each row. This saves drivers time and makes garages more sustainable by cutting down on the production of exhaust fumes.

Parking garages can be sustainable too, just like other building structures and businesses. Technology can be utilized to reduce the emissions produced by people hunting for parking. Electric vehicle charging stations will promote greater use of electric vehicles, further reducing gasoline use and waste production. Green energy sources can also be utilized. These additions can all be utilized to help create a sustainable parking garage.

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Is Your Assisted Living Facility Up to Code?

Is Your Assisted Living Facility Up to Code?

There continues to be a great need for senior care facilities all across the country. It is essential for those in charge of these living environments to ensure that their particular assisted living facility is up to code at all times. These state and federal laws vary from state to state, and each care facility is responsible for keeping up with any changes from year to year.

Why Health Is a Special Concern for Assisted Living

To be able to compete with the top assisted living facilities, you need to be up to code at very least, and preferably far better. Competition between the various local care facilities can be fierce, and failing a state health inspection can deter potential facility care clients from entering your facility sometimes far into the future. It is also important to ensure that your facility and staff are equipped to handle the specific health, care and safety needs of each resident living in your environment.

Asbestos Concerns

Every assisted living facility is required to check the building for asbestos prior to opening its doors to the public. Failure to do this can set the facility up for lawsuits by care workers, facility residents, and frequent visitors to the setting. This building inspection should be done by a professional contractor experienced in asbestos inspections and removal. Asbestos was used extensively in construction around the turn of the century, and it is known to cause lung issues like cancer.

Mold Concerns

Mold is another facility concern that can pose a health threat to fragile seniors with complicated health conditions. When conditions are right, mold and mildew can grow quickly. Assisted living facilities should have their buildings inspected by a professional skilled in identifying mold. This inspection should include roofs, basements, attics and crawlspaces. Mold spores are unseen to the naked eye, and they can negatively impact the indoor air quality if the mold gets into the facility’s air duct system.

Facility Cleanliness Concerns

Another critical assisted living facility concern is the overall cleanliness of the building. State health inspectors often show up unannounced in an effort to catch health care workers not following the strict cleanliness guidelines. Determine whether your assisted living facility is up to code by contacting your state Health Department for current regulation details. Many senior care facilities also obtain voluntary certification from JCAHO, an independent inspection agency.

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Tips for Increasing the Efficiency of Your Construction Crew

Tips for Increasing the Efficiency of Your Construction Crew

In the world of construction, time is money. Having a crew that works efficiently and stays on schedule lowers costs as well as helps the company gain a good reputation in the field. The project foreman needs to have the skills that keep the crew on the task promptly ensures a productive day. Keep the following efficiency tips in mind to save money and time.

Have Good Communication

There is nothing worse in construction than having crews standing around while on the clock not knowing what their job is for the day. Good communication is essential to productivity and safety. Texting or emails are ways to give your crew members a heads-up to the tasks that need to be performed before they set foot on the site. Another tip is to have a chart on-site listing a crew member’s goal for the day. Always have someone in charge on-site that can solve problems as they arise.

Keep a High Standard

Having high standards on the worksite is another important factor to consider. There are a number of risks for injury in the workplace, so it’s important to keep high standards to avoid potential accidents and increase efficiency. Let the crew know the safety standards expected of them in each phase of the job. Proper clothing, adequate tools, and proper safety precautions should be everyday aspects of the site. This will also keep productivity high and keep costs in line. It is important that workers follow these instructions for the safety of all.

Have the Necessary Materials Needed on Site

Nothing is more frustrating than having a crew standing around waiting on materials to arrive at the site. Be sure to order ahead so the materials needed are on hand when the crew is ready for them. Have a designated person to make supply runs if needed. If supplies are delayed, have an alternative plan for the crew such as prep work, working another part of the project, or clean-up.

Construction projects are filled with glitches that are not anticipated. Having a schedule that workers are aware of lets them know what is expected of them. Keeping high standards on the worksite gives them the message that you care about them. Having the materials on-site when they are needed conveys that the company is well-organized. When your workers are safe and happy, the work you’ll be able to produce will be fast and efficient.

Making Plans for an Apartment Complex? Include These Amenities to Attract More Renters

Making Plans for an Apartment Complex? Include These Amenities to Attract More Renters

If you’ve decided to open an apartment complex, you need to know what amenities will help you attract the best tenants. You don’t need to compete with every building in the area, but you should turn to them for inspiration as you begin to look at what most complexes offer. More than individual features, apartment building owners need to consider what type of lifestyle they want to help their tenants cultivate. These are just a few suggestions you may want to consider.

On-Site Gym

Working out is a part of many people’s routine, and getting in shape is also a on many others’ bucket lists. When you have an on-site gym, people will be more likely to feel inspired about the prospect of living in your complex. Those who regularly exercise already will love the fact that they can save money on a gym membership and not have to sacrifice fitness in the cold winter months when commuting isn’t always an option. Others who want to begin exercising will now find it easier than ever, and they’ll see your complex as an opportunity to start improving their lives in more ways than one.


Green spaces such as parks have the added benefit of boosting property value. Families with children and pets will love having an outdoor space to visit and play in. You can use the park as an opportunity to cater to your residents’ lifestyle; are they typically established adults who want a relaxing place to lounge, wine and dine, or are there lots of young families that would appreciate a dog run and playground equipment? You can even take things a step further and go ultra-green by including a community garden for tenants to plant, tend and harvest their own herbs and produce.

Laundry Room

It’s great if you have washers and dryers in every unit, but even if you don’t, you can add laundry on-site that makes it easy for tenants to perform one of the most basic and essential household chores. In addition, a laundry room can boast larger washers and dryers that will easily allow tenants to run heavier loads. You may also want to add vending machines that sell common laundry products; teaming up with a local dry cleaner and tailor will allow you to extend the highest quality of service to your building’s residents. 

Remember to focus most on your average tenant’s needs first — think functional before fun. People love flair, but high-quality functional amenities that make their daily lives more convenient are more likely to make the sale.

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Vitalia Senior Residences at Westlake

Vitalia Senior Residences at Westlake

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