It shouldn’t be any surprise by now that people value sustainability. From product sourcing to power sources to waste processing, the trend towards going green and being sustainable isn’t going away. This means making adjustments to how things are designed, manufactured, built, and disposed of. Parking garages are no exception. There are some great additions that can be used to make a parking garage more sustainable.

Green Power Sources

Green energy sources are a great way to make your parking garage more sustainable. According to, there are different sources you can use to this effect. LED lights have come a long way since their creation, becoming more effective and more cost-efficient than regular bulbs. They are less expensive to purchase now than they used to be as well. Many garages are also starting to mount solar roof panels on the top of the garages in lieu of additional parking. This allows parking garages to save on utility costs and be more sustainable as they generate their own power.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, which is creating a need for charging stations. Adding charging stations to parking garages promotes sustainability by encouraging people to utilize electric power instead of gasoline. Maintaining adequate charge is necessary for these vehicles to work in a sustainable manner, so charging up is also a matter of doing so quickly. People won’t want to wait around forever for their car to charge.According to Cali Coast Electronic, the 240-volt circuit can charge up to four times faster than 120-volt chargers. Consider what businesses your parking garage provides parking for and how long people tend to spend there. Then plan accordingly.

Parking Assists

One of the commonly touted environmental detractors is exhaust fumes from cars. People spend lots of time slowly cruising around looking for parking spaces in garages. This results in far more exhaust than there would be if parking spaces were easier to find. Fortunately, there is a way to address this. We have technology that allows parking garages to monitor how many cars have entered the structure and where they are currently parked. This information can be transmitted to signs that update regularly with how much parking is available on each floor, and even on each row. This saves drivers time and makes garages more sustainable by cutting down on the production of exhaust fumes.

Parking garages can be sustainable too, just like other building structures and businesses. Technology can be utilized to reduce the emissions produced by people hunting for parking. Electric vehicle charging stations will promote greater use of electric vehicles, further reducing gasoline use and waste production. Green energy sources can also be utilized. These additions can all be utilized to help create a sustainable parking garage.

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