Cranes are the muscle in most industrial and construction environments. They are essential to lifting most heavy objects. To the people that operate and work around them, cranes are a normal piece of equipment for the workplace. For this reason, sometimes the dangers they pose are taken for granted. It is of extreme importance to follow all safety precautions when using cranes to prevent serious injury or death. This article will discuss some critical crane safety tips that will help you to avoid a catastrophic accident in your work area.

Do a Safety Inspection

It is very important to thoroughly inspect the crane before operating it. The inspection should be based on the manufacturer’s guidelines and any other criteria your workplace may have established. This may seem obvious, but some people assume that the equipment is ok because they were the last person to operate it. Also, sometimes to save time or stay on schedule a crane inspection may be skipped. If there is any question about the serviceability of the crane, it should not be operated. It is also important to ensure that the crane can handle the load that it will be lifting.

Be Aware of the Ground and What’s Underneath

Cranes are extremely heavy pieces of machinery that can easily damage the ground, piping, and utilities beneath it. This could create a dangerous situation, especially for power and gas lines. An ideal solution for this problem is the use of wooden mats. Woods such as oak or other hardwood are ideal for mats that can mitigate the impact a crane’s weight has on the ground below.

Get the Proper Operation Certifications

Cranes are complex pieces of machinery that require specialized training and certifications to operate. The operator must know the equipment very well to include emergency safety procedures. In addition, the operator should be well-versed in the use of crane hand signals.

In closing, a crane is a vital piece of machinery for many industries. It is responsible for lifting a wide variety of heavy loads. Because it is a normal piece of equipment in many workplaces, it can sometimes be taken for granted. It is absolutely critical to always make safety a priority when you are operating a crane. This can help prevent serious injury or death. It is also important to ensure all operators are qualified to operate the machinery.

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