Progressive Technologies

Tools and techniques that create a wholly superior product.

Remarkable Sustainability

Materials and designs that ensure stability for the ages

Strategic Partnerships

Powerful alliances that solve challenges and speed results.

Invaluable Experience

Proven record of success under the most demanding conditions.

What We Do

For 20 years, the Pride One team has continually refined the arts of real estate development and construction. From one successful project to the next — and one lasting partnership to the next — we’ve established what we believe to be the keys to evolution in this ultra-competitive industry.

The first is our dedicated commitment to best-practices in strategy, operations, and fulfillment. We study industry trends to chart new courses, seek out innovative processes to conserve resources, and discover market opportunities. We position our partners ahead of the curve so that they can take advantage of possibilities in their own markets.

The second is our unwavering commitment to people — from the very first contact through the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Integrity, value, and quality are more than just buzzwords — they describe the very tenets that guide every decision we make and action we take. Relationships are everything. Partner with Pride One and you’ll recognize immediately the value we place on your trust.

And while our focus is on commercial, residential, and healthcare opportunities, we have the human, fiscal, and knowledge resources to make successful just about any imaginable project across a robust medium of industries.

Commercial Construction

Pride One combines creativity and sustainability to create dynamic work spaces that meet the unique needs of our clients and enrich the communal environment. From feasibility and planning to construction and completion, our industry experts manage every phase of the project with your unique vision in mind.

Hotel Construction

Very few construction firms match the expertise and vision of Pride One’s hotel construction capabilities. We’ve earned the trust of some of the biggest brands in this highly-specialized building niche — and our successes in states across the country stand as a testament to our dedication to the hotel craft.

Health Care Construction

When Pride One accepts a healthcare construction project, we plan and build knowing that lives are on the line. Our completed collection of assisted living facilities, community health clinics, and city hospitals demonstrates our meticulous attention to detail for structures that keep these community healthy.

Apartment Construction

Pride One’s unique approach to apartment construction anticipates and solves the primary challenges of the multi-family home space. With gorgeous facades, spacious living areas, and detailed appointments, we set the standard for the future of condominium-styled construction and its delicate environmental-impact.

About the Company

We work hard to maintain a reputation for quality, efficiency, and value. Discover how Pride One can make your building or development vision a reality.

Phone: 330-239-6100
387 Medina Road, Suite #600
Medina, Ohio 44256

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