Charek Shares Knowledge and Experience on Podcast

The game of real estate is a tricky one. It is important when crafting your team to choose people who are knowledgeable about their field and are willing to ask you the tough questions. John Carney talked to Tom Charek, one of our leading experts in real estate and development here at Pride One Construction, about the nitty-gritty of real estate on his August 2, 2017 podcast: The Real Estate Locker Room.

Knowing the ins and outs of the industry doesn’t always guarantee success.  “Easy money does not exist. You have to work for every penny”, says Charek.

Throughout the podcast Tom shares his experiences as a real estate investor and developer. From renting and flipping triplexes fresh out of university to working on multi-million dollar athletic buildings in Cincinnati. Tom touches on changes from job to job and the 3 fundamental questions you must always keep in mind.

Easy money does not exist. You have to work for every penny

There are a number of other variables to take into consideration when it comes to starting a new development project. However, the above questions are a fool proof way to insure a return on your investment. Interested in learning more about the real estate investment industry from the experts who work it ever day?

Click here to listen and download Tom’s entire interview with Carney.