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As a leader in turnkey commercial development, construction, and consulting, Pride One understands that every team member must work together to achieve the client’s project objective. We work hard to achieve one common goal: complete customer satisfaction.

It’s one thing to state this; it’s far more powerful when customers share their own experiences. Here are just a few comments from Pride One Construction clients and partners.

Pride One does not hesitate to value-engineer the project and works closely with the architect to ensure a quality result everyone can be proud of. Pride One’s field personnel are experienced and knowledgeable, and have a reputation for keeping promises – including those regarding budget and schedule.
– Kathryn Truman, Fechko Excavating

Thank you sincerely for pulling together a project that, to us, was nothing less than answered prayer. We know what this project would have cost us and we appreciate all the things your company did to help us accomplish our goals affordably. I know you all went above the call of duty in regards to taking on our little project.
– Pastor Bob Grover, New Hope Christian Fellowship

We have been very pleased with the decision to engage Pride One as our building partner on this project. As the project developed we faced several unique logistical and budgetary challenges. We have been very pleased at the way you and Pride One have handled these challenges as to minimize their negative impact to the project and our operations. I am sure that without your diligence the overall project costs would be much higher. Additionally, we have been pleased with the level of communication and cooperation on the project. We feel very good about the quality and value of the project.
– Michael Kahoe, GMS

I believe that Pride One has become a community partner, eager to assist with projects that enhance our community and benefits our residents. During these challenging economic times, The Trails of Montville provides quality, affordable housing options for our residents. Good luck to you in your future endeavors.
– Jeff Brandon, Montville Township Trustee, Chairman

We agreed on a cost-plus arrangement and the Pride One project manager kept us informed (about) our decisions and their impact on the total cost. I believe we received a very fair deal and kept control (of) the quality and the costs. We are very pleased with the outcome of our office space project. We continued to use Pride One to build out the remaining spaces of our building as tenants were secured.
– Betsy Mack, Mack Industries

We hired Pride One to help us realize our goals and objectives of opening a new retail store in the Akron market. Pride One identified the property, helped negotiate the purchase agreement, navigated governmental approvals, and completely managed the construction process- “soup to nuts”. The cost-plus agreement saved us thousands and the Pride One project manager apprised us on our decisions and their impact on total costs. They kept control of the quality and the costs. We are very pleased with the outcome of our retail showroom and could not have done it without Pride One’s expertise. We’d recommend Pride One as a partner, builder, and consultant for any aspect of one’s real estate or construction project.
– J. Paul Brentlinger, Indoor Gardens

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